Q&A Session: Lady Vintage Dresses


We're completely and utterly obsessed with Lady Vintage dresses. For starters, they're absolutely beautiful (look at those colours! The beauty above is the 'Love Hearts With Rose'.) Secondly, they're incredibly well-made (in London, and from the highest quality fabrics; typically cotton). They also almost always feature pockets (!), are inexpensive, and are available in sizes 8-32. They're a-m-a-z-i-n-g, but if you're yet to try the brand, we understand that you'll probably be wondering - amongst other things - "but um, how do they actually fit?!"

With this in mind, we've popped together a wee Q&A session with some of our most frequently asked questions about the frocks, but of course, if there's anything else you'd like to know that we haven't covered - just sing out! (We're only too happy to help!)

"So, what's the sizing like?"

Lady Vintage have a variety of different dress types, including the 'Hepburn' (quite possibly our favourite), 'Charlotte', 'Eva', 'Lyra', 'Elsie', 'Venus', 'Iris', 'Isabella', 'Maria', 'Phoebe', and 'Tea' (phew!). 

For the 'Hepburn', 'Charlotte', 'Eva', 'Lyra', 'Maria', 'Iris', 'Isabella' and 'Phoebe' styles, we'd recommend opting for your standard clothing size (for example, the size you would be at, say, K-mart).

For the 'Elsie', 'Venus' and 'Tea' dresses, we'd suggest buying a larger size.

"What if I'm between sizes?"

If you're between sizes, to err on the safe side, we personally would size up.

Lady Vintage dresses NZ

Corrine (above) is usually a standard size 16-18 (or a City Chic size 14/'XS' - 16/'S', if this is more useful!). She's wearing the Lady Vintage 'Hepburn' style of dress in a size 16 in both images.

"Do they wash well? I don't have to dry clean them, do I?"

No, absolutely zero dry cleaning is required! (Which is excellent, because who could be bothered?!) Just wash these pretties in either cold or warm water, and dry them outside. Too easy!

"Is there anything else I should know?"

Honestly, they're magnificent garments. They're feminine, they're fun, and they feel fabulous to wear! 

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