The Online Vintage Store is a New Zealand-based boutique stocking fun, fabulous and ridiculously gorgeous vintage and vintage-inspired women's clothing in sizes 8 – 32

There's a certain special something about vintage clothing. 

The details. The quality (back in the day, garments were built to LAST!). The history. The thrill which comes from knowing that when you're wearing a retro gem, it's incredibly unlikely that you'll spot someone else in a similar piece. And of course, then there's the fit. The eras of yesteryear were ones which truly appreciated the female form, with each ware constructed to cradle curves and accentuate features beautifully!

The Online Vintage Store blends treasures of the past with the modern convenience of the internet, offering unique, fabulous and high-quality antique frocks (and tops. And skirts. And jackets!) at a click of the mouse.  There's also an assortment of vintage-inspired treats from brands such as Lady Vintage and Revival, too, for those that love the characteristics of vintage clothing, but prefer it in a newer format. It's all rather delightful!

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