Bought something that doesn't quite make you swoon? Bummer! You're welcome to return your purchase. Here's how it works:

The Nitty-Gritty

  • An item submitted for return must be in its original state. If a new item was purchased, it'll have to be wearing its tags. If a preloved item was procured, it'll need to still be in its clean, in-excellent-condition self. 
  • Equivalent store credit will be given for the same value of your purchase once the returned item has been received. This credit can then be used by you at any time to choose another garment(s); no expiry dates apply.
  • If you're returning an item, it's best to ensure that its delivery is tracked. The Online Vintage Store is not liable for the loss of any items being returned, and no-one wants to see anything go missing! 

Let's Get This Sorted

(So you can buy a different piece of clothing that makes your heart sing!)

E-mail to discuss the return of your purchase, or get in touch on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram